Your child will learn all the fundamental skills to become a confident baker by learning how to use essential equipment, read and understand recipes, understand baking terminology and measure ingredients. The workshops are through the zoom platform , will be interactive and feedback will be given at each stage. Level 1 will develop core skills and an understanding the fundamental science of baking. We will be using the topics listed as a way for the students to learn with me in a student centred way that will have access and challenge for all. There will be three levels to this course with students building on the learning in Level 1 to undertake Level 2. For example, in Level 2, we would also explore making and baking pastry but with more scope and detail. Similarly, if we were to revisit scones, although they can be based on a quick bread recipe, there are multiple variations and adaptations, all with their own specific skills and knowledge. As students progress through the Levels, they are consolidating what they have learned and making crucial connections in the art of baking. Through this course, kids will be able to transfer their learning to adapt and experiment in their own baking. Level two will follow on from Level One in Autumn.
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