Capturing our passion for baking!

We had great craic playing with food in our kitchen yesterday. Ok so a week of prep went into creating bakes and treats for our photoshoot with Eva Blake photography but it was so worth it. The day started with the arrival of Make Up Artist Girl Miller who arrived into our house with her Covid 19 visor and immediate charm. She worked her magic and transformed a very tired baker into someone worthy of having their photo taken. When Eva began to take photos I was absolutely bricking it as I often tense up for photos but she soon made me feel ok with her relaxed and easy going personality. I also had Tom on hand for the usual jokes and Sophie shinning her magic on the day. Overall a really fun creative day. I was amazed by how Eva set up all the different shots in our home which I never would have thought of, let alone photograph. Since Covid 19 hit our business has changed to an online baking school and we wanted the photos to capture our new direction. Here is a little snippet of the day!


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