Life is short… lick the bowl

Meet the team

  • Loraine


    I'm Loraine, owner of Devoted To Cakes. I fell in love with baking when I was 6 years old and haven't stopped baking since. I love using my skills to push the boundaries of baking and cake decorating and have been lucky enough to be involved in worldwide collaborations of cake designers and have been published in numerous publications at home and abroad. Through "Devoted to Cakes" I share my skills by providing creative baking and decorating workshops, parties and events.

  • Sophie


    Always there to offer advice and a constant source of inspiration. She is always optimistic, seeing solutions in problems and magic in everything.

  • Thomas

    Accounts/Moral Support!

    Meet Mr Devoted To Cakes! He has earned this job through default of being my husband. He does all the jobs I hate in particular the heavy lifting. He has now been trained as a cookie decorator and I think he is secretly enjoying it!